10 de de 2015
Strive, progress, success, -The Gentlemen's Club
Strive, progress, success.

Honor, respect, venerable, high-grade.

This club is a high-end club society. We strives towards the highest standard in personal and moral matters. We want to progress to be successful in real life as well within our club's games.

We want an open and including atmosphere within our club.

We expect you to live your life to the fullest. We expect to see qualities that reflect our values from our members and to see enthusiasm and willingness to learn and progress in life as well as on this gaming platform.

We encourage our members to live with honor and pride in their daily life and do their very best in what they do. Respect for our club and its members, and reflect venerable and high-grade in your life.

Our members is bond together and are here to strengthen the fellowship as well as supporting each other.
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[TGMC]Hertugen Основатель команды 10 de de 2015 Сейчас в сети на RM/DM - Medieval Siege
[TGMC]xMENTORx Участник 13 de de 2015 3 de de 2015 - 11:07
[TGMC]Katsumoto08 Участник 22 de de 2015 28 de de 2017 - 05:51
[TGMC]wyswa Участник 21 de de 2015 24 de de 2015 - 14:39
[TGMC]the_corn Участник 4 de de 2017 22 de de 2017 - 08:33
[TGMC]Homer_Simpson_ Участник 19 de de 2017 Вчера, 4:00